It is extremely difficult to keep a person’s mind on an election with so many unusual events to distract us. We turn on the television, or other social media and witness unfathomable incidents. If Covid-19 was not enough, some have turned to protests and riots, often destroying businesses, government buildings and homes in a city. […]

Memorial Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial weekend and took a few minutes to remind ourselves about those who sacrificed so we could live in the country we do. Today anyone who could play Taps was asked to perform for their neighbors at 3:00 pm. My granddaughter, Britney Weeks, plays the trumpet so I asked […]

Another view??

The Utah 2019 Tax Referendum brought people from very different political, economic, religious and ethnic avenues. We saw these individuals come together for a common cause and because they worked together, the project was successful. We ALL understood that who ever sits in the Governor’s seat next year will play a major part in tax […]

Who to vote for???

As we approach Utah’s primary election, many referendum supporters want more information regarding the gubernatorial candidates. We have been asked which candidate would be the best supporter of our referendum efforts and the tax issues that concerned Utahns. As tax referendum organizers, we have NOT endorsed any gubernatorial candidate; however we know that some unsuccessful […]

Last Minute Politics

First of all: This is not a political endorsement for candidate that is running for Governor. During the 2019 Tax Referendum, several candidates collected signatures and supported the efforts by monetary donations but NOT one of them devoted more effort then the other and to the cause! Amiee Winder Newton collected many packets of signatures […]