Another view??

The Utah 2019 Tax Referendum brought people from very different political, economic, religious and ethnic avenues. We saw these individuals come together for a common cause and because they worked together, the project was successful.

We ALL understood that who ever sits in the Governor’s seat next year will play a major part in tax reform. Many have felt that the possibility of electing a Democrat was not a possibility and that there are so many Republican candidates, they wanted to have a voice since the Governor should represent All of the people in Utah regardless of party affiliation.

Yesterday, after researching election laws and speaking to County Clerks and the Lieutenant Governor’s office, I wrote about my findings. I did not encourage people to change their party affiliation, only provided an information piece. (I did remind people to remember the candidates who supported the referendum ideals). I was totally blown away with the language displayed and the anger that happened.

We do not have to agree on any issues but we should be able to discuss them in a civil manner! This election is like nothing we have experienced before. We did not have a “normal” caucus or primary election and it looks like the November election will be unusual also. I won’t go into all the “games” that were played in this article, we can save that for another day when I really want people to have heart attacks and major brain damage!

People are interested in this election and have specific candidates they want to elect. I assume that this passion will continue until November. If they are committed to change party to support a candidate, they probably will not change back and if they do, that is something that they are entitled to do legally. As far as ethical, that is something that they have to decide for themselves. Just remember to be kind and try to listen to another point of view.

In a another vain, we are continuing our video interviews with the gubernatorial candidates. The process has been very interesting and meeting with each has had some surprising personal incites. The one we still need to make contact with is Cox, so if anyone has an “in” to his campaign, please give them my number. We hope to have them all done by next Friday.

As we start Memorial weekend, please remember those who served our country. After all, the freedoms we have are a result of their efforts.