Question 7

7. Name one reason you are the best candidate for the position you signed for. We asked this of the candidates because we felt it was important to actually hear from them as to why they could do a better job then their opponent. So that is all of the seven questions! If you want […]

Question 6

6. Are you in favor of the Utah School Income Tax Constitutional Amendment that will be voted on in November? Why or why not? This question was asked because it changes the Utah State Constitution. At the present time all state income tax goes to education. This allows the legislature to take the dollars to […]

Question 5

5. Are you willing to vote against bills that legislative leadership wants you to support even when threatened with losing coveted committee positions, having your legislation held hostage, etc.? We asked this question because the absolute power that legislative leadership has to get the bills on the agenda of the floor. At times a legislator […]

Question 4

4. Many Utahns felt that after the town halls and committee meetings that the legislative tax task force held throughout 2019 that their concerns were not heard that special interests wielded too much influence. On the other hand, many legislators felt that the people didn’t understand the issue or the solutions that they put forth. […]

Question 3

3. What if any taxes would you implement on services and why? We asked this question because so many service industries were a part of the original bill and this caused some people to sign the referendum. citizens were informed that other service taxes would happen. Depending on the candidates response, the voter will have […]