Check…Make sure you are Registered to vote!

When we started to get signatures for the Utah 2019 Referendum, individuals signed the packet thinking that they were registered. We soon found out that was not the case so we started to check and then register those on line or by paper.

After the signatures were checked by the county clerks some of those people who had registered were still not on the formal list. These individuals are still not registered and they don’t know it. Unfortunately there is no way to find out who these referendum people are. The matter would have gone unnoticed if this election cycle wasn’t so different. Because of the referendum, Utah voters are engaged and want to make sure their voice is heard.

Please take the time and check to see if you are registered. To check, go to We worked hard to make sure we get the best person to sit in the Governor’s seat and legislators who are not interesting in rejuvenating that terrible tax bill we fought so hard to defeat!

Another important factor: You should get an email confirming your changes if you make any changes to your registration. If you do not get the email, contact your local county clerk. For some reason they get held up in the “pending”file and the process is not completed,

Because of COVID-19, the Legislature amended the election laws for this Primary Election to ensure safer voting. There will be NO in-person voting at Early Voting and Election Day vote centers.

Same day registration is eliminated so individuals may not register and vote provisional on Election Day. The deadline to register to vote, update an address, or change party affiliation is June 19 at 5:00 p.m

Ballots will be mailed starting June 9th. There will not be polling places like in the past. The post office does not forward ballots.

Seven counties will have specific places where you can drive up and get a “ballot Packet” if you didn’t get your ballot. You will then fill it out and then drop it into an election box that are positioned at specific locations in the community. Please check your local county clerk for information on how they are administering the new law.

NOTE: I am NOT telling anyone to change parties but if you have vetted the gubernatorial candidates and want to vote for Wright, Hughes, Huntsman or Cox, you must be registered as a Republican.

Candidates are continuing to answer the Referendum questionnaire. I have received some calls from candidates that they are “afraid” to answer the questions! I continue to tell them that it is an method to get their platform to people who are voting. They are allowed to give information that allows the voters to contact them by phone or email, etc. For more information contact: If you are interesting in writing blog, we are opening that opportunity also. Contact Darren Flint at