Last Minute Politics

First of all: This is not a political endorsement for candidate that is running for Governor.

During the 2019 Tax Referendum, several candidates collected signatures and supported the efforts by monetary donations but NOT one of them devoted more effort then the other and to the cause! Amiee Winder Newton collected many packets of signatures (I delivered several packets to her home at 10:30 one night), Jeff Burningham had his volunteers collect signatures, even the Democratic candidate, Zackary Moses picked up several packets from my home. Representative Sandra Hollins collected Jon Huntsman signature. NO candidate was part of the numerous meetings that took place with the leadership team at my home.

Remember anybody can print or say anything but if any gubernatorial candidate says they were on the leadership team, I wonder where they were during the many long hours invested by the individuals who orchestrated the Referendum. I appreciate all the effort that they showed but I can’t dismiss the time that those who were part of the leadership team.

Another issue that has surfaced:

Several of delegates from the Republican party received a robo call from Governor Herbert endorsing his support for their candidacy. Unfortunately these individuals still espouse to increase taxes. Any one who supported the 2019 Tax Referendum doesn’t need to be reminded that because of this Governor’s leadership and desire to increase taxes on food, gas and services we had to fight to overturn his terrible bill.

Unfortunately several of these incumbents still feel the need to increase taxes and if reelected they will do everything in their power to make it happen. The author of the original bill (Lyle Hillyard) still feels that he needs to finish his work even though he has had almost 40 years to do it. Todd Weiler in Senate 23 has the same attitude about taxes. I could go on with additional names but the point is clear: If you get a call from Governor Herbert, plan on those candidates having a similar view on taxes and the next time you can be sure the legislature will make sure there is no chance for a referendum.

The last minute political anticks are common but lets hope they are not successful.