It is extremely difficult to keep a person’s mind on an election with so many unusual events to distract us.

We turn on the television, or other social media and witness unfathomable incidents. If Covid-19 was not enough, some have turned to protests and riots, often destroying businesses, government buildings and homes in a city. We saw that here in Salt Lake City and I for one could not believe that anger and hate had manifested itself to such a degree. I know that people get upset and the discussions between some individuals on Face Book need “parental supervision” but what we experienced here was heartbreaking.

Our beautiful Capitol was sprewn with graffiti and trash. The highway patrol stood guard at the entrance so no damage could happen inside. I heard people say that it is only material and who cares. It may be material to some but to others it represents a history of those who came before and hardships endured so where we can live in the country we do and enjoy the freedoms we have, including free speech and the ability to protest. I am trying to find where it says in the Constitution we have the right to destroy a life or property.

Jed Boal wrote an interesting article about one of my heroes on June 3. If you get a change read it, entitled “Retired Reverend Davis continues to be a force for change.” Maybe if we followed his advice we would see less destruction and the building up of our fellowman. Reverend Davis I am ready to be a part of that change!

Another way we can protest is through the ballot box. Please make sure you are registered to vote. I am still getting calls about voting. I have found out that your address on your drivers license and the address you put in to the online voter registration must match. If it doesn’t then that is a problem.