Question 1

Because of the Coronavirus ,this year’s election process will not be the same as in the past. We have already seen the caucus system change and now the collection of signatures is following a different routine. This election process has seen a tremendous increase in the number of new faces that are trying their hands in politics. We have established a website to help voters get to know the candidates and to understand their positions on the issues with a special focus on the issues and processes that led to the recent Tax Referendum.Candidates for the Utah House of Representative, the Utah State Senate, County Commissioners and the Utah State School Board, as well as those seeking Federal offices are invited to answer 7 questions that impart Utah citizens.Once we have the candidate’s answers we will set up a free page for that candidate on our site, That page will have the answers to the questions along with other information the candidate provides for their page–biographical, political philosophy, issues of special interest, etc. We will then push the information to social media site in order to ensure that is gets the widest dissemination possible.The web page is: Each day I will post the question and the reason that we are having every candidate answer. The first question is:

  1. What did you do to help with the Utah 2019 Tax Referendum?

We asked this simply because if they respond that they didn’t do anything without an explanation, we are left to believe that they didn’t support the Referendum. If however, they collected signatures, signed the referendum or did anything to help, we know that they supported the effort. We will not make any formal statement on what the candidates write. We will let the voter decide.