Question 2

I forgot to tell you that some days, I won’t be posting but will try my best to print something only if it is a line or two. Yesterday was the anniversary of my son’s passing and the funeral of my friend’s grandchild so time got away from me so I didn’t get to write anything.

The second question that candidates have to answer is:

2. What is your position on taxes on food and gasoline?

This question was asked because it was one of the items that generated the most concern to everyone involved in the Utah 2019 Tax Referendum. Response will allow the voter to know how the candidate feels about the issue. Depending on the candidate’s response, they can be “reminded” of what they wrote after they are elected and voting on the issue.

We are not going to edit any of the candidates remarks. After they fill out their responses, we are sending out an email to them. We will set up a free page for that candidate on our web site:

We will put the answers to the questions along with other information the candidate provides for their page; biographical, political philosophy, issues of special interest, etc. We will then push the information to social media sites in order to ensure that it gets the widest dissemination possible.There is no cost to the candidate. This is our effort to allow voters to be come aware of the issues that resulted in the tax referendum.

Flints Design is providing this service free to Utah candidates in an effort to help the voters get to know candidate ideas and assist the voter to make the best possible choices in the 2020 elections. No candidates will be administrators or monitors of the web site in this effort. All candidates that are running for the Utah State House of Representative,Utah Senate, County Commissions, the State School Board as well as candidates for Federal Office will be allowed to participate regardless of political affiliation.

We are preparing to send out an email invitation to every candidate, but we accepting and encouraging them to fill out the form now since the questions are available now. If you know of some one who is running for an office, contact them and encourage them to answer the questions. Also take a few minutes and invite your friends to join us at JUDY’S CORNER.

Question number 3 tomorrow. In the meantime, pass on a good deed or a smile to someone else!