Question 3

3. What if any taxes would you implement on services and why?

We asked this question because so many service industries were a part of the original bill and this caused some people to sign the referendum. citizens were informed that other service taxes would happen.

Depending on the candidates response, the voter will have an idea how they feel about additional taxes. We are not going to edit any of the candidates remarks.

We are starting to post some of the replies to the questions that we have received and expect to get more up on the website within the next several days. All Utah House of Representative, State Senate, State School Board, county commission and Federal Offices will be invited to answer the questions.

We will be sending an email to all candidates but if you know some one who is running for any of the above office, please have them go to the website: and have them fill out the questionaire. After they fill out the 7 questions, they will receive an email and then they can add to our website. There is no charge.

It looks like Governor Herbert will be calling a Special Session for the legislature in the next several weeks. We need to keep ours eyes open and make sure we listen to what they plan on doing with the budget. Hopefully it will not be the same result as what they did during their last Special Session.

Political parties are getting ready for their conventions. This year will not be the same as on the past. If you are interested in participating, contact the party you are interested in. The Republican party requires that you be a member to have voting priviledges. It should be an interesting time in Utah politics.