Senate Primary Election 2020

The ballots for the Utah 2020 Primary Election will be mailed out on June 9, 2020. It is a good idea to make sure you are registered to vote. When we were garnering signatures for the 2019 Tax Referendum, many people thought they were registered and they weren’t. We registered many but we don’t know how many were accurately counted by the county clerks.

Much has been written about the gubernatorial election but there are several legislative primaries that are taking place. These races are important in order if we want a change in the legislature. Most of the incumbents have huge war chests so it is very difficult for those who have made it to the primary to compete.

President of the Senate, Stuart Adams and his leadership team sent an email to lobbyist asking them to divvy up more cash to fund those Senate incumbents who had primaries. Names listed were Curt Bramble, Lincoln Fillmore, Wayne Harper and Lyle Hillyard. Curt Bramble is being challenged by Sylvia Andrew. Rich Cunningham faces Lincoln Fillmore, while Karen L. Hyatt has Wayne Harper as her opponent. The most interesting of these incumbents to the 2019 Tax Referendum is Lyle Hillyard. His name also appears as the SPONSOR of the horrific bill that resulted in the referendum. After being in the Senate for over 35 years, he finally had a phenomenal challenger. Chris Wilson, a third generation business owner in Logan answered the communities call.

The Utah Realtors sent out a flyer as directed. I am not going to go into the contents but if you want to know more about the story, I encourage you to read the article “Republican Senate Leaders put the bite on lobbyists to fund incumbents’ primary election campaigns” on the Face Book page Campaign Chatter Utah.

Since Legislative Leadership has sent out their email, I feel it is only fair to give the challengers the opportunity to garner money also. Remember these individuals are running grass-root campaigns, generally for the first time. If you live in any of these districts or know of someone who does, please encourage them to vote for these individuals or display a yard sign as they are friends of the Referendum:

Karen L. Hyatt, Senate District 6, email:, Website:, telephone number: (801) 901.7890

Rich Cunningham, Senate District 10, email:, Website:, telephone number (801) 209.7966

Silvia Andrew, Senate District 16, email:, telephone number (801) 836.9463

Chris L. Wilson, Senate District 25, email:, Website:, telephone number: (801)

If you do not know what district you live in, you can easily find out by going to: