Question 4

4. Many Utahns felt that after the town halls and committee meetings that the legislative tax task force held throughout 2019 that their concerns were not heard that special interests wielded too much influence. On the other hand, many legislators felt that the people didn’t understand the issue or the solutions that they put forth. If elected, how would you respond to the concerns and issues that your constituents bring to you and how would you educate them on the issues you are dealing with?

This is the fourth of seven questions that candidates are being asked to fill out on the website: We have set up this format to allow the voters to become more aware of the platforms of those who are running for elected offices. Additional information can be reviewed on that page.

We have also set up several Face Book pages where voters and candidates can carry on civil dialogues concerning the issues that they are interested in. JUDY’S CORNER will continue as it has.

There are many new items in the works and I will keep you posted as they are ready. We have been very busy. In the meantime if you are a candidate or know of one, have them fill out the form on the website. A new look to the site is under construction and we will be showing it soon.

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