Question 7

7. Name one reason you are the best candidate for the position you signed for.

We asked this of the candidates because we felt it was important to actually hear from them as to why they could do a better job then their opponent.

So that is all of the seven questions! If you want to review them, go to They are posted there. Some candidates have posted their responses. We are still sending out emails to candidates asking them to fill out the questionnaire.

The web page www.utah2020project is now up for review. Remember it looks different from a cell phone then it does from a computer so I suggest that you review it from a computer. We added a tab for other races so if you are running for any office that will be on the November ballot, fill in the questionnaire.

Just like the events of the day, everything is subject to change. If we can make it better, we are going to try. Our main goal is to provide the voter with knowledge of the issues that brought about the referendum. We want to keep everyone informed but we will not be endorsing any candidate from the website. People working will continue to voice their opinions thru other avenues.

Ron Mortensen has written a second article that is worth the read. His provides a wealth of knowledge on some of the political events that are happening. Ron spends countless hours researching bills and the impact that they have on Utah residents. He is a well known and respected community activist on Utah’s Capitol hill. I had the extreme pleasure witnessing him in action this past legislative session. As you might imagine, not everyone agrees with him, but that stimulates conversation and makes us open our minds to others opinions.

JUDY’S CORNER will eventually be on the new website also. We will continue to have it here. We are trying to get to as many avenues of keeping people informed as possible.

Prepare for the Special Session that is coming up. The legislature is expected to address some of the issues that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused. There will probably be some voting that will have to take place online to allow for social distancing based upon the area that they now meet in. Hopefully rural legislators will not have to travel to Salt Lake. Hopefully they will come up with ideas to reopen businesses while also not jeopardizing the health of citizens.