Which Gubernatorial candidates signed the Referendum?

Many people are asking which gubernatorial candidates signed and supported the Utah 2019 Tax Referendum.

When deciding who will be the next Governor of Utah, it is important to know how they reacted to the Referendum. This individual will be key as they have the power to sign or veto the new tax reform bill that is expected to pass in the January 2021 session.

As one of the original five sponsors, I will give you the most official report based upon us tracking those who were running for governor and legislative positions and their position on the Utah 2019 Tax Referendum. First, the original bill was endorsed by the majority of Republican Legislators. (In a later JUDY’S CORNER, I will elaborate on those individuals.) Not one Democrat voted for the original bill. It was signed into law by Governor Gary Herbert after the legislature held a Special Session before Christmas. They felt they couldn’t wait until the January regular session.

Spencer Cox did not sign the referendum stating a “conflict of interest” as Lt. Governor. He did state that he was not in favor of the food tax but did not voice how he felt about other components of the original bill. He and others were instrumental in the development of the bill however.

Jon Huntsman signed the bill at Calvary Baptist Church early in the process. Representative Sandra Hollins and her husband David secured the signature.

Greg Hughes did not sign the Referendum because of his belief in how past Referendums and Initiatives have been handled in the state.

In order to be fair and accurate I must post the following past history: When the original food tax was lowered, Representative Greg Hughes was an original sponsor of that bill. He worked tirelessly with Governor Huntsman to get the bill through the legislature so Governor Huntsman would sign it. Both deserve equal credit for getting the bill passed. It was a monumental task!

Thomas Wright signed the Referendum during the final days.

I hope this clarifies some of the rumors floating around and gives the voter more clarification.

We have videoed all gubernatorial candidates and expect to have the videos released next week. We did ask them how they felt about taxing food. Stay Tuned!

I post JUDY’S CORNER on several pages and yesterday, I was reminded that we need to share information. Some pages are private so you have to “copy and paste” and others you just hit the “share” icon. Whatever you have to do, please share. We must have an informed electorate.